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Alleviate poverty, disease, and illiteracy through sustainable community based development programs.


The Mmanze Centre for Rural Development and Training (MACERUDET) is a community-based Ugandan NGO engaged in empowering self-help projects and sustainable development programs in marginalized rural communities.


During the past twenty years Macerudet has worked with the local community to found and develop projects that promote education, health care and economic development.

We seek for donations for supporting our child sponsorship program!

Get Involved

 MACERUDET recruits and places foreign volunteers with community based projects and schools. Through our volunteer placement program, we aim to build the capacities of local projects and raise awareness around the world about the successes and challenges of life in Africa at large and Uganda in general.  

Latest Project

  • Construction of student hostels & staff quarters buildings.

  • Construction of rain water harvesting tanks & water pipe lines.

  • Construction of low-cost greenhouses as sustainable nutritional & income source.

  • Child education sponsorship.

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