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The Mmanze Centre for Rural Development & Training (MACERUDET) is a local NGO located in Uganda. It is a community-based organization mainly developing and managing self-help community projects in all the welfare works related fields. MACERUDET has 25 years of experience in the field of welfare works thanks to the contribution of a small group of professionals located in Masulita, Uganda.

MACERUDET takes its name from Mmanze community, which is located 20 miles from the capital city of Kampala. The area is typical of rural area’s in Uganda with families largely getting by on subsistence farming. It lies within the former famous Luwero Triangle, where the 1981 to 1986 bush war was centred resulting in many fatalities and virtually destroying all the social infra structures in the region. It was in this environment in 1987 that Macerudet (Mmanze Centre For Rural Development And Training ) was founded, with survivors organizing themselves on a self help basis to create this community based organization. The main aim of Macrudet was, and more than twenty years later still is, to contribute towards the rehabilitation, reconstruction and development of the area through self help initiatives. During the past twenty years Macerudet has worked with the local community to found and develop projects that promote education, health care and economic development.

Mmanze Community members face daily problems caused by poverty, low-grade water supply & sanitation facilities, insufficient funds for education, meagure nutrition & scant health care services, among a variety of other disadvantages. 

MACRUDET has no established paid staff and implements priority programs and activities utilizing the services of both local and international volunteers through an integrated holistic development approach with a high community spirit and a lot of enthusiasm.

Priority Programs emcompass Sustainable Agriculture & Income Generation; Community-Based Health Care; Functional Adult Literacy; Training & Education; Environmental Protection; Infrastructure Development; Rural Savings & Credit Scheme; Community Capacity Building; Rights Promotion & Protection; & Lobbying & Advocacy.

Our Mission:

To work with rural communities to alleviate poverty, ignorance, disease & illiteracy through implementing sustainable community based development programs.

Our Objectives:

  1. Rural Community Development via Priority Programs & Projects.

  2. National & International Awareness Creation of Rural Communities in Uganda.

  3. International Exchanges, Collaborations & Partnerships to Facilitate Community Empowerment (i.e. onsite & offsite local & international volunteers & voluntary organizations contributing to community education, health care, infrastructure & other development activities.)

Mulindwa William

 Executive Director & Program Manager 

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